The Elite Eight

I have a high regard for those in the parking industry that have earned parking specific credentials. There are only a few hundred parking professionals in the world who have earned the CPP (Certified Parking Professional) designation through the NPA and the CAPP (Certified Administrator of Public Parking) designation through the IPI. However, there are only eight individuals in the entire universe who have achieved both. These trail blazers of parking credentials have the distinct and unique privilege of inserting not just one, but two C’s and four P’s at the end of their name. That is, their name is followed by the illustrious CAPP, CPP.

The eight professionals who have achieved this milestone at the time of this post are as follows:

1. Ross Allanson, CAPP, CPP
2. Chuck Cullen, CAPP, CPP
3. James Horski, CAPP, CPP
4. Charles Munn, CAPP, CPP
5. Linda Riegel, CAPP, CPP
6. Greg Stormberg, CAPP, CPP
7. Karen Tallent, CAPP, CPP
8. Andy Troth, CAPP, CPP

With respect and admiration,

– Isaiah Mouw

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2 Responses to The Elite Eight

  1. Scott Kangas says:

    There are several including myself that have had both certifications (I was the first to do so in 1994 I believe) but no longer have the CPFM/CPP designation for whatever reason.

  2. Keith says:

    Kudos to those who have devoted the time and effort to secure these certifications. Don’t forget the organizations that have supported them as well with time away from the office, travel funds, registration fees, etc, all needed to complete the certification work.

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