All this and a Dancer, too

I met with Steve Haralambiew, President of Data Park the other day and spent a fascinating hour with him and his staff.  I have known Steve for years, but this is the first time I have said more than a dozen words to him, and those in passing at trade shows.

This is a very serious guy, who believes strongly in his industry and in his product.  I will be writing about his company in an upcoming issue of PT.

He gave me a tour of his facility in San Leandro, Ca.  It is filled with offices, testing areas, and warehousing spaces (his product is manufactured elsewhere.)  The biggest surprise was when we walked through a door and I found myself in a huge room, with hardwood floors, no furniture, and mirrors lining the walls. It was a dance studio.

Notice the smile on Steve’s face. He is a semi professional ballroom dancer, you know, like on “Dancing with the Stars.”  And he loves it. His wall is covered with trophies. He has won competitions here in the US and in Europe. He tells me he practices every day, which is why he has the studio in his office.  Wow!  I am very impressed.

Watch PT and find out more about Steve, and his company, Datapark.


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