Are these folks nuts or something

So the police department of Hannibal, MO, the home town of Mark Twain, have decided they don’t really want to enforce the two hour parking limit downtown so they have asked the city council to do away with the rule. Read all about it here.

So as I understand this short article, merchants want the restriction to remain and have gone on record saying that it is being abused (most likely by their own employees.)  However the police can’t seem to come up with a way to enforce the law, so change it.

Mark says this makes Hannibal a Baghdad by the Bay award nominee.  I second the motion.


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One Response to Are these folks nuts or something

  1. Craig Bagdon says:

    Can you really blame the politicos? Obviously there are ways to enforce this (shameless product plug), but with the merchants split there is no upside for a politician in taking a stand.

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