Canadians Break all records for attendance at show

I’m rubbing shoulders with our Canadian Cousins in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  Its a mini=Vegas with great views and wonderful weather.  Lots of hotels, casinos, and of course

Ok, there are two falls, these are the “American” falls, the Canadian or Niagara falls are about 250 yards but there were trees in the way…

The Canadians, Led by their executive director, Sandra Smith, always put on a good show and this year’s Canadian Parking Association Conference is no exception. The banquet is in the center of the exhibit hall with video and lighting everywhere.  The highlight for Americans present (I’ve seen Clyde Wilson, Larry Donoghue, and a few vendors who i’ll list in a subsequent blog) was the presentation of the award to the person who had make the most contribution to parking to our own Don Shoup. He accepted the award in abstentia but asked that he be made an honorary Canadian. I’m not sure what the Canucks are going to do but they said they would think of something.

I’m going back to the show now and will report back tonight


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