Congrats to the NPA WOW Over 500 At their Show

My spies tell me that the NPA is slated to have the largest attendance in its history at the NPA conference to be held in Las Vegas October 3-6. Click here for details. They have, as of this moment, over 500 fully paid attendees. That doesn’t include walk ins, daily attendees, or exhibitors.  Congratulations to Christine Banning and her crew.

Of course, PT has to take some of the credit, since we are media partners with the NPA for the show, as they are with us for PIE.  Christine reached out to us earlier this year and with here “everyone must have a win” attitude, it was easy to come to an agreement to work together. Not only have we been assisting them with promotion in the magazine, but we will be providing on line real time reporting from the event.  In return they are working with us on PIE with promotion and providing a number of speakers in our seminars.

A rising tide raises all boats, and frankly the growth of the NPA and its events will bring a tidal wave to the industry. Watch for more from the National Parking Association.


UPDATE:  I just heard from NPA Exec Christine Banning.  The on line registration closed today with 650 attendees registered for the event in Las Vegas. Whew!!!

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