Damn We’re Good!!!

I get caught up in an issue of PT  and sometimes can’t see the forest for the trees.  Today I was sending our cover boy Tad McDowell at UNLV a ‘link’ to the on line magazine (he hasn’t gotten his copy yet and he was getting calls about his abfab cover pix) when I click on the magazine and wow, this is a great issue with universities, and other stories of interest, to wit:

  • The Gang at the University of Texas talks about why parking is unique at universities
  • A consultant from Montgomery County, MD, gives his opinion about parking minimums and our “third rail.”
  • We venture into construction and whether its better to repair or replace a garage
  • There’s a story about security in parking facilities and the technology driving it at DePaul in Chicago.
  • Doug Holmes discusses 30 years in parking, plus hams it up with a Nittany Lion.
  • Danny Ho at the University of BC takes an international view of higher ed parking
  • David Burr expands on Clark Kerr’s quote that “universities are a series of individual faculty entrepreneurs held together by a common grievance over parking”
  • Melissa, our Amateur Parker, talks about how much harder it is to park a  ‘new’ car.
  • And of course I get to rail on about the REAL reason our economy is in the tank, and beat up on LEED a bit.
  • Plus three pages of parking gossip, tons of blog posts for the internet challenged, and 30 pages of advertising, supporting PT’s lavish lifestyle.

I suggest, if you haven’t, you go here and check out PT September.  You will be glad you did.


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