IBM Enters Parking Marketplace

IBM has partnered with Streetline to bring municipal on street parking data management into the world of the big boys. Read about it here. Streetline is the San Francisco Company that makes the instreet sensors that can determine whether or not a space is occupied and send the data back to central. The City of Los Angeles is running a test with a smartphone app that enables drivers to find empty spaces.

Streetline and its relatively new CEO Zia Yusuf are seemingly rocking and rolling. They recently received new venture capital, part of it from Bill Ford’s Fortunis fund (same group that is involved with Park Mobile) and now winning a place with the world’s largest computer company.

Tests are ongoing with Streetline and LA, as well as in other cities. Zia told me at the show in Pittsburgh that they were looking at an 85-90% valid read rate and that this was enough to give good statistical data.  Perhaps enough. But I doubt if its enough when it comes time to issue citations based on the data. We shall see.

IBM is a powerhouse and it may be able to figure out how to make the mesh network work in that terrible environment called a city street. I note they are using two devices in the space — one for sensing and one to talk to the parking meter to see if it is paid.

This meshing of parking and IBM is going to be fun to watch.


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