Mark Twain is Chuckling in his ‘stash

Hannibal, MO, part Deux.  Samuel Clemens’ home town is embroiled in a parking riot downtown. They are removing all parking restrictions downtown and the merchants are split as to what will happen. Read it here.

Mark has a few pithy quotes:

You gotta read the whole story to get to the money quote;  Nothing to stop (people) from parking here all day and all night,” he said.

Those words will come back to haunt the merchants who’re currently saying;  “Both say customers who really want to visit downtown businesses will do so regardless of whether they can find a place to park…….our customers will come even if they had to park four blocks away”

He adds:

Any bets on how the story will read in a couple of weeks?

I’m sure he’ll keep us informed.


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