Most Thrilling and Terrifying Project Ever

I received a note from a woman who happens to read PT because she knows someone in the business.  She is an artist and, well let her tell it:

When I was telling a friend recently about that article, and about the magazine in general, the friend said “You’ve told them about CARPARK, right?” and I realized, incredulously, that this had never occurred to me to do. I thought I would finally take the time to send you a link.When I had just finished graduate school in San Diego in 1994, I was one of three artists who produced a large scale public artwork called “CARPARK” at Southwestern College in Chula Vista, CA. You can read more here.

For one half day, we proposed to sort all the incoming cars by color into the 14 different parking lots at the school. Since the lots were all different sizes, this required many weekends of driving around in shopping malls and tabulating car colors to figure out which colors should be assigned to which lots.

Impressive — here are some pictures, more on her web site:

She says no one could find their cars when it was over. Good fun, and artsy, too.

Nina Katchadourian included this note:
I’m a Brooklyn-based artist and I’ve been enjoying Parking Today for years (a friend of mine is a subscriber). I’ve always been fond of reading magazines that have very specialized knowledge on topics that we deal with every day but don’t think that much about, but I also especially appreciate the humor in your pages and the other kinds of content you manage to bring in. Your “noir” column is a favorite, and some time back I really loved the article about parking at the Academy Awards that also did not make one single mention of any of the stars present, but focused solely (of course) on parking strategies.

High Praise indeed…


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  1. bw says:

    Love the old red truck…sweet!

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