Prostitution Parking Meters

A correspondent is trying to catch up with Parking Today Facebook. Wanda and Co talked about this a week ago. but we don’t hold back…From anonymous:

New prostitution parking meters in Bonn, Germany give a whole new meaning to Pay and Display. Prostitution is legal in Germany but city officials were finding it difficult collecting taxes from the “streetwalkers”. The estimated 200 prostitutes must now pay for a night pass equivalent to around $9.00 in order to work the streets from 8:00pm to 6:00am. City officials expect to generate about $288,000 in new revenue off this initiative. I am hoping they apply one aspect of the Shoup Model to ensure that the revenue is put back into improving the streets and other downtown areas of Bonn.

A friend of mine made a great point about this new strategy – “If revenue is truly the goal, attach it to something useful. If they want to prostitute, charge them a similar fee to be tested and licensed. That way the City of Bonn gets revenue, the girls are documented and healthy, and their clients can be more confident that they won’t catch syphilis. Everyone wins!”

For more information check out the story here.

My blogging buddy was afraid to give his name, but you can blame me. Don’t make it illegal, tax it…


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