The PPA Gets it in the Neck, Again

Charlie thinks that its horrible that the Philadelphia Parking Authority is getting such bad press in the home of Ben Franklin and the Declaration of Independence. The screaming headline:

There are the usual articles about folks who got tickets and a scandal about “hardbacking” — you know, where a PEO writes a citation but doesn’t leave a copy for the parker – and a request for folks to bring in their horror stories about parking in Philly and interaction with the PPA.

I don’t like this stuff any more than you do, but remember, this is the city that spawned “Parking Wars.” I’ve been opposed to “Parking Wars since the beginning. I think it sends exactly the wrong message we want to send. Is it possible that the PPA could have gone a bit “Hollywood” and is spending a few too many minutes in “makeup” rather than attending to business?

This “war” between the Inquirers “Philly.com” and the PPA has been brewing for months. There are a couple of reporters that are stirring the pot. This should come as no surprise.

Do I have a solution? — sure — the head of the PPA should go to the offices of “Philly.com” and open a dialogue. The reporters should be brought in and given free reign to see what is happening, really. They should report the good and the bad. Someone from the PPA should be assigned as their best friends and top level contact so they can “run down” every issue they hear about.

The PPA needs to spend a little less time on A and E and a little more time communicating with the local press. Or maybe the press is completely wrong and there are no problems. My solution would solve that problem, too.


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