A New Type of Tailgate Party

Why not hold it in a parking garage. This picture send in by Charles Huntzinger shows what happens at Ohio State:

Charles’ Comment:

Tailgating in Parking Garage before an Ohio State Football game. This is the proper use of Garages to build team spirit with lots of Spirit. OSU is currently looking to privatize their campus parking hoping to get 375 million for a 50 year lease. Investors have until November 2nd to qualify. Of course with all the on and off the field problems OSU Football is having I think the price may drop if the tailgate crowd doesn’t park.


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One Response to A New Type of Tailgate Party

  1. CJD says:

    I hope they were designed for the load. Its hard to believe that a concrete structure would have issues will people standing, but they are not designed for that.

    I have looked into in before and both the city engineer and our consultant both denied the request.

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