Adaptive Parking

Paul Barter over at Reinventing Parking has coined the term “Adaptive Parking” and is using it to address the severe parking issues in emerging markets. In this case India. He spoke to a group in the sub continent, his description:

The Adaptive Parking reform agenda is based on Donald Shoup’s approach but tries to extend it.  It aims to make Shoup’s market-oriented parking reform agenda general enough to be relevant to places very different from North America. It also offers guidance on how to move in that direction with baby steps even if your city is not ready to take on the whole package of Shoupista reforms.

His talk is linked at his blogsite, Reinventing Parking here.

Hmmmm — Perhaps Paul has a point. Asian cities may not be ready for a whole Shoupista package, but then, maybe some here in the US may not be ready either. Check out his talk.

Here’s a taste:

Much parking policy aims to expand off street parking out of fear of on street chaos. But off street supply cannot replace the need to get control of on street parking.

Indeed — why would someone park in an off street facility if they could simply leave their vehicle anywhere they liked without fear of any penalty. The leading edge of any parking program is good enforcement.

Oh, Paul’s biggest fear is that the countries in Asia are making all the mistakes the US market made with zoning and parking requirements and need to consider a more ‘adaptive’ approach to their parking issues. He is attempting to show that many of the issues we have in our central cities were caused by policies instituted decades ago and that Asian cities can dodge the bullet, so to speak, by adopting policies that prevent the problems from occurring rather than having to ‘fix’ them later.


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