And all the ships at sea…

I have been scurrying around pestering my sources for the upcoming “Cutting Edge Technology” issue of PT (December). One of the main articles is to be written by DI. Dr. Harald R Raetzsch, an expert on “cloud computing.”  I dropped him a note and a day later got an email back that he was on a catamaran bouncing around somewhere in the Pacific. He said that if the ‘wind and waves’ behaved, he would attempt to get me an article in a few days. He didn’t mention the clouds — I assume he was in control of that.

A day later I received 15 fully annotated pages of perfect text with a note complaining about how hard it was to upload at 24kb/sec. “It took ages,” he said. Now this is impressive.  I spend weeks harassing some authors just to get them off the dime, and this chap interrupts his vacation on a small boat in the middle of the ocean to get it done.

Its a great article, by the way. Look for it next month and also look for Harald to speak at PIE in March.

Maybe I should insist some of my authors spend time in obscure places — How about a week in Tibet, Machu Pichu, a boat on the Ganges, or maybe hanging from ropes on the Matterhorn. I understand K2 is great this time of year.  You can ride a bicycle across Manchuria, or maybe post from your iPad on a camel in Egypt. Whatever floats your boat.


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