Common Sense Prevails — Apron Parking OKed in LA

I just received word that all the uproar over ‘apron’ parking, much of which was led by my neighbors, has paid off. You can get background here, if you like.

The city began ticketing people for parking in driveways that went across parkways. These are called ‘aprons’.  In most neighborhoods the parkways are narrow and if you park there you block the sidewalk or street. But in some, like mine, the driveways are 30 feet long or more, and you can park there without blocking either one.

However, the law is the law, so back in July, to solve the sidewalk blocking problem, they went hog wild and wrote tickets to everyone. All hell broke loose and the city council found that you can mess with folks taxes, but you had better not mess with their parking. There were petitions, councilmen found themselves accosted at local farmer’s markets, and then the famous ‘apron parking protest’ across LA made the “Occupy” group look tiny in comparison.

In what I consider light speed, the council passed an ordinance without comment, that basically said that people parking on ‘aprons’ will not be cited unless they block the sidewalk or street.

Citizens 1  Parking Enforcement zip


Oh, I’m sure the fact that I have been covering the story here on PT blog and that it has been sent to all the councilpersons in LA made no difference.  HA!!

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