I’m all for Technology…But

From Mark:

While I’m all for the advances in technology that are making parking operations more efficient and user friendly I gotta say that some of this stuff is getting ridiculous.  The idea that some “app” telling you that your meter is about to expire is going to end the possibility of getting tickets is absurd.  I have a news flash for all the “inventors” of these alarm style apps, they invented something decades ago that does the same thing and most people already have it on their person.  It’s called a WRIST WATCH.  If that’s too complicated then almost every cell phone on the market has an alarm function that can be easily set to go off 10 minutes before your meter expires.  If you have a problem remembering where you parked they invented another little something centuries ago called WRITING, or if that’s too complicated send yourself a text on the same cell phone you already have that lets you set an alarm for when your meter will expire.

The apps that include the “pay by phone” option are truly genius and can actually help prevent getting tickets, but they only work if the meters are compatible (which the vast majority of current meters aren’t) and the parking zone allows you to extend the time on your meter (most don’t).

If they truly want to do something “techy” to prevent people from getting tickets they should create an app or “add on” feature for your car where everytime you get in you get a reminder to make sure you have change for the meter.  Of course, I guess that could be accomplished with a sticky note.

Gotta go, just got a message from my coffee cup informing me it’s getting cold and needs to be warmed up.  Thank goodness I was able to avoid the potential disaster of having to find that out the old fashioned way, by actually tasting it.

Mark Rimmer

Come on Mark, don’t hold back, tell us what you really think.


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3 Responses to I’m all for Technology…But

  1. bw says:

    Now that’s pretty funny. I’ll bet Mark wouldn’t be afraid to tell the emperor he’s naked!

  2. NP says:

    I think Mark is missing the point here or maybe the app, or who knows maybe his own clothes! Reminders about parking expiring or adding time are valuable benefits to drivers as is not having to fill your trunk with quarters The real value is to operators and cities who get to slash their capital and operating expenditures on meters, either by adding credit card acceptance without meter upgrades or just getting rid of meters, lock stock and barrel.

    A couple of specifics, pretty much all pay by phone services work independent of the meters, no integration required. Equally any system worth it’s salt will enforce maximum stays so depending on the local by-laws will either not allow time to be added or only up to the maximum stay.

    Gotta go and smell the coffee!

    • rta says:

      The headline announcing the app in question states; “The end of parking tickets!”

      I’m all for the apps that allow you to pay by phone. I think they’re a major step forward in making parking more convenient and user friendly, and realistically they could put an end to parking tickets (at least in theory). But an app that simply alerts you to the fact that a meter is expiring and can remind you of where that meter is located is really nothing other than a stopwatch/gps function, which is a redundant feature since most cell phones that can accept apps already include that as a basic function.

      We, as an industry need to be careful that we don’t oversell or overstate the benefits of the technology available.

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