Smugglers use parking spaces – for Tunnels

I’ve heard about tunneling and drugs, but this takes the cake. Seems the Mexican Drug Cartels are digging tunnels under the border in Nogales, AZ, and bringing them up in on-street parking spaces. Read about it here.

As PT reported earlier on our home page on on Facebook and Twitter, there is a street than runs right along the border fence. The druggers tunnel under the fence and come up in a parking space. They carefully cut the street and leave the resulting ‘plug’ in place. So far so good.

They then drive a car up to the space on the US side, pay their parking fee, and through the hole cut in the floor of the car, remove the plug, pull tons of grass and coke up through the hole, replace the plug and drive off.It seems the smugglers always pay the parking fee so as not to arouse suspicion, but its only $.25 an hour, not enough to discourage such activity.  They were caught when city officials noticed all the ‘cuts’ in the parking spaces — they used upwards of 16.

Remember we reported that cities were garnering revenue by using parking meters to collect fees from Hookers in Germany…maybe a similar fee can be extracted from these smugglers, until they are caught, that is.


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