The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father

Some of you must remember the cult series, Babylon 5, and the Psycorp’s famous operative, Bester.  He was played by the same actor that played Chekov on the original Star Trek, Walter Koenig.  I was reading through the final proofs of the November issue of PT, and there, on page 38 was something so haunting, I just had to stare at it.  The headline on this post should give you a hint.  If you don’t remember Babylon 5, I understand, if you don’t remember Star Trek, you have really lost your way.

I wonder if Koenig has a brother, or maybe a cousin? And then I looked at the logo..OMG

The PDFs of this issue will be up on our web site in a couple of days. Check it out.

Live long and Prosper


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