They Said What????? Drink Yourself Straight!

From Mark:

Seeing as I don’t know the specific circumstances or conditions in this particular market I’m in no position to take any kind of definitive position on their decision to extend the time limits.  That being said, I do feel comfortable is saying that the argument presented by one merchant as justification for increasing the time limit from 2 to 4 hours should probably NOT be part of their message;

“……owner of the Havana Hideout bar, said limiting parking to two hours until 10 p.m. could force some bar patrons to move their cars after they had been drinking and should not drive.”

Then again, maybe they subscribe to the “drinking yourself straight” theory and believe that 4 hours of drinking is much more conducive to safe driving than limiting yourself to only 2 hours.  I know people who’ve been trying to prove the validity of that thought process for years, maybe they should visit this establishment to see if they’ve made a breakthrough in the research.

Read the entire article here.


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One Response to They Said What????? Drink Yourself Straight!

  1. CJD says:

    We have a ban on overnight parking in State College from 2am-6am. We have heard the excuse that baning cars from the streets during those hours forces people to drive drunk.

    We stand firm that the $25 ticket is cheaper than a DUI and that one must plan accordingly if they are going to indulge to a point where they should not be behind the wheel.

    Good try by the business owner though, I bet the police will keep an eye on the patrons leaving this bar!

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