Women Have Taken the Lead

I have always been a proponent of women, for more than the obvious reasons. Now that the British Commonwealth has ‘adjusted’ male primogeniture to remove the male, my take is that the so called glass ceiling will come crashing down, if it hasn’t already.

Yes, that’s right, if Wills and Kate have a girl first, she will be queen. All this nonsense about the first born MALE child is thrown over the cliff.  The decision was announced by Queen Elizabeth II at the Commonwealth conference held this week in Perth, Australia.

Coming on the heels of IBM’s announcement that a woman, Virginia Rometty, would lead the computer giant beginning in January, this decision pretty much puts a nail in the ‘women’ as second class citizens rant, unless you happen to live in the Middle East (Israel excepted.)

OK, I understand that Rometty will be one of only 15 distaff CEO’s in the fortune 100, but things are moving. Hell, the parking industry, long a male dominated bastion, now has professional women running the NPA, the Canadian Parking Association, and has had a number of women as Chair’s of the IPI, including the chair-elect, Liliana Rambo, and the immediate past Chair, Cindy Campbell.  There are even ‘women in parking’ groups springing up to mentor women in our industry.

Nothing but good can come from this. Successful organizations realize that women are a tremendous resource and pass over them at their peril. Congrats to the Commonwealth, to IBM, and to women everywhere.



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