You Have to Know the Answers before you ask the questions

Westfield is the largest shipping center owner in Australia, if not the planet. They are beginning to charge for parking in their centers and this appears to be causing an uproar with employees at the center, people who work nearby, and their neighbors.  Read the story here and then I will parse it for the three of you who can’t see what’s going on.

As soon as paid parking began, people who worked in nearby office buildings had to find a place to park, commuters who took the bus from nearby bus stops had to find other places to park, employees who were cut out of the limited number of employee spaces where looking for places to park — of course they all want to park for free.

Westfield spent many millions to build parking for their center’s customers, and frankly, it seems, they want parking for their customers — bloody capitalist swine. They are charging but the first 3 hours are free, then they hit you for $2 for the next hour, up to $20 for more than 7 hours — obviously this last charge is to get people who were parking there all day and taking the bus, or working in nearby stores, offices, and shops.

A quote:

A Westfield spokeswoman said the system ran smoothly yesterday, with happy shoppers easily finding parking. “We have received positive feedback from customers on the ease of finding convenient car spaces and the centre has strong visitation numbers,” she said.

Its not about charging for Westfield, its about making parking available for their customers. Wow, paid parking works.




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  1. Joe Randisi says:

    Hi JVH
    It’s surprising how no one believes it is happening yet it goes on everywhere. An experienced parking person can pick up on it in no time. I notice at the grocery store that the employees do not park in their designated area instead they are in the customers area. How do you know? pay attention to your surroundings, sit there for an hour or two in the morning/evening many would be surprised at what happens. I don’t have to sit at the grocery store I see the same cars parked in the same places no matter what time I shop

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