A “Surefire Way to get your Butt Kicked?”

I don’t think so. I have reported on this before, thought it was a good idea then, and think it’s a good idea now. Its an app which allows citizens who see cars without handicapped placards to report them to the cops, and cause a citation to be issued. Read details here.

Mark things that this was only a ‘matter of time.’ I think its a superb idea. There are plenty of variables in most parking situations — time of day, day of week, local laws regarding who can park where, residential permits, city permits, and many other complexities. However in the disabled or handicapped parking situation, there is only one. Does the car have a handicapped placard or sticker, or not. If not, they shouldn’t be in that space. Period.

This app for iPhones, Androids and Blackberries requires a person to take three pictures of the car, one showing the license plate, one the windshield, and one the car in the space with the handicapped sign in the background. Simple. Then send it in to the parking enforcement folks and voila — justice is served.

You know that I comment that only about 10% of all parking citations get written either due to policy set by the governing body or the inability of enforcement folks to be everywhere at once.  Fair enough. You overstay you meter, no ticket, you win today’s parking lottery.  Handicapped spaces are, as a malaprop infected boss I once had told me, “a horse of a different story.”

Non handicapped persons parking in those spaces are keeping folks from being able to get access to their jobs, doctors, homes, and being able to carry on their lives as best they can. I’m not sure drawing and quartering should be returned to parking enforcement, but certainly heavy fines are not inappropriate. The handicapped need all the help they can get, and this is parking’s way of a hand up.

Will persons using this app get their “butt kicked” as noted in the article. I think not. People who park in handicapped spaces know damn good and well they are taking space from people who actually need the space.  They know, in their hearts, they are acting like asses. I think most will turn tail and slink away.  If not, then add assault to the list of crimes they have committed.


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