Bureaucratic Nonsense — Get over it!

I learned from reading PT’s facebook page that the Brits are about to throw out millions of pounds in fines because the camera’s that caught the parking violators didn’t have the proper piece of paper certifying them. (there was a -A left off). Read all about it here.

Here’s the deal as I understand it.  Because some clerk somewhere didn’t add an -A to a form, the cameras are deemed not certified so the pictures they took must be assumed to be incorrect. Its a picture, dammit. It either is or it isn’t. Its time stamped. Thousands of people who got tickets said “Yep, you got me.” and Paid their fines. Now we are going to go and give all the fines back because someone said “But wait, the certification didn’t have a -A on it.”

Is not the question whether or not the people actually violated the parking rules, not whether or not the camera that caught them had a certain certification. Can’t someone just go and see if the cameras are working?  Can’t we do a certification and see if all is OK?

If someone came up and said “Hey, I was in Scotland when that camera says I was here” I could understand. But that didn’t happen. Some Lawyer found a -A missing and therefore all is thrown out.

This is nonsense. We are not talking about the death penalty here. It was a clerical error, for goodness sake. Get over it.




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