But I thought Canadians were Supposed to be so Nice

This gal has lost it. Writing in the Windsor, ON, Star she takes off on cops who pay less to park than she does in the same lot.  Seems parking had been free for the police but they are now being required to pay $5 a month to park in a facility that writer Anne Jarvis is paying $33.90. And that extra almost $29 is really stuck in her craw.

Sorry, Anne, I don’t buy it. Yes, the police should pay something, but these are first responders, I think they deserve a break. Should they get permits so they can parking anywhere for free, like in NYC. No.  But I think that a discount for police, fire, med techs, active military, is the least we can do. These folks work long hours, get all the flack from the populace, and put their lives on the line. What’s wrong with a discount for parking.

I was in a Norm’s Restaurants here in Southern California the other day and discovered why so many police eat their meals there.  Police, fire, and military in uniform get a 50% discount on their meals. Now that’s what I’m talking about. No freebie, but a nice healthy thank you. No one is going broke over it, but it makes a difference.

My colleague Anne needs to take her meds and calm down.  She thinks that because she is paying full boat for her parking, she is at the bottom of the pecking order, below city employees, and the dreaded police. She is a rat in the sewer.

Get a life, Anne, and be thankful you don’t live a few miles up the road in Toronto where some of the most expensive parking on the planet exists.  Your $33.90 would look pretty good, I’ll tell ya.



h/t Catherine on PT’s facebook page

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