Dog Bites Man — Motorist Upset over Parking Ticket…But Wait

This gal in Colorado is hopping mad — not because she got a parking ticket — she says she deserved that — but because of all the information on the ticket that was placed under her windshield wiper –Thanks to Wanda on PT’s Facebook page, we know all about it,.

It was only a matter of time before she got a ticket, but when she finally did, she could not believe what was written on it.”My name, my address, my height, my weight, my age, my birthday, driver’s license number, social security number,” Shaffer said.

So the local enforcement entity agreed and said that her social security number shouldn’t have been placed there.  Whoopiee.

What about all the rest– name, address, personal stats, age, birthday,  — what the hell is all that doing on a parking ticket.  OK I got a speeding tickets the other day, and all that was on mine (except SSAN) but it was handed to me and the info was between the CHP, me, and the court.  It wasn’t left on my windshield for everyone to see.

I would wonder how the enforcement staff knew all that information. OK, they could have ‘run’ the car and gotten the registration information, but my registration gives only my name and address and all the info about the car, not all my stats and driver’s license information.

OK, so they also ran her name and got a copy of her driver’s license information.  Why?  They knew the info on the car — they were going to mail here a summons if she didn’t pay in 10 days. Why all the rest?  Just because we can doesn’t mean we should.

First of all, her stats are unnecessary unless its info needed to identify her.  We are a long ways from that with a parking ticket.  Second, she may very well not have been the driver.

Plus, her biggest complaint, why have all that information there for all to see.  A daylight home robber could simply look at the citation, get her address, know she is not at home, and go break into her house, aided by the local constabulary.

Put the car information on the ticket. If its not paid, send them a summons in 10 days to the vehicles registered address, and lets cut out all the “we’ve got the info and we have the technology to broadcast it to all the officers in the field so we will” stuff.

This is the kind of thing that starts all the “Big Brother” push back, and maybe it should.


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