NYC Goes for Residential Permits — What Could Possibly go Wrong?

Check out the article on PT’s facebook page. Thanks to Wanda for catching this story.  It starts when they are concerned about people parking near subway stations and local arena and then expands and expands.  This will have to be kept under extreme control. There is simply too much money at stake here. The law of unintended consequences will kick in and a cottage industry will spring up.

New York City has a long tradition of abuse of parking permits. There are literally tens of thousands of permits given to cops, teachers, friends, and who knows who else so they can park anywhere with impunity. I wonder how they will control the potential abuse of residential permits.  Consider that a resident goes to his or her councilperson and asks for a permit.  It costs $500 a month to park in a lot, free on the street in these areas. So the person kicks in a grand and gets a permit for a year.

They should start by charging everywhere in NYC for on street parking. That would stop the subway and arena abuse.  With the new P and D machines they are installing, residents could purchase cards that give them a discount down to a few bucks a day, everyone else pays full boat.   More difficult to abuse these cards than going into the color xeroxing business for permits.


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