Parking in Toronto gets a Kudu

A writer in the Montreal (Canada) Gazette was full throat-ed in his praise for the Toronto Parking Authority and its handling of a complaint from another Quebec denizen who had parked in an area and followed all the rules but got a citation anyway. Being a good citizen, he then continued to follow the rules and in the end sent in his description of the situation along with payment for the fine.

A few weeks later he received a check and an explanation — the citation was rescinded.

This probably happens more often than not, however we seldom hear about it. We usually hear about clerks that toss complaints in the trash or PEOs who begin writing the citation a millisecond after the meter goes red as the driver is walking up to the car.

This was a pleasant change and deserves to see the light of day. Thanks for Wanda on our Facebook page for pointing it out to me.


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