Ah, but we have a high-tech system, this couldn’t happen

This is one of the oldest scams in the book. An employee who had access to monthly parking cards was selling them at a reduced rate. He simply turned on the cards and then sold them under the table.  He was selling $160 permits for $100 cash. Good deal for the parkers, good deal for him, bad deal for the Hospital in Houston where he worked.

It appears they caught him when word circulated that the special ‘deal’ was available. The hospital lost $30 K in two weeks. Let’s see — that’s 30 K a month times 12 or $360,000 for the year. Not really chump change.

If he had been a tad more circumspect, my guess is that he would have had a ton of money in his sock and be heading for the border.

Can anyone say “audit.”


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