Be Afraid, be very afraid

Thanks to Wanda over on PT’s Facebook Page for this post. Basically it is an editorial in a Calgary, Alberta, newspaper that supports charging for parking in local hospitals. the Canadian Medical Association is calling for removing parking charges, calling them ‘user fees.’  Well, duh. Of course they are user fees — they are a fee for using a multimillion dollar parking facility.

The CMA quotes a Scottish Bureaucrat, after fees were abandoned in Scotland and Wales:

“It’s simply not fair to expect patients or visitors to have to pay when they come to hospital, when they may be suffering personal anxiety, stress or grief. Put bluntly, a car parking charge is often the last thing people need.”

Hell, what happens if they decide to stop at a florist on the way to the hospital and have to pay for parking there. Isn’t that parking charge the last thing they need? So why not do away with all parking charges for people going to hospitals, or to the dentist, or to see their shrink, or maybe their lawyer. Of course have no parking charges around a courthouse. First they demand free parking at hospitals, then at the dentist, then…when does it stop.

Get the point? The Calgary Herald has it right. The province collects about $55 million in fees but it costs $60 million to provide the parking service. My solution, raise the parking rates.

Bah Humbug



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2 Responses to Be Afraid, be very afraid

  1. Rufus says:

    Why should hospital patients or visitors who don’t own a car pay for the garage’s cost of construction and upkeep?

    The same goes for a hotel or high rise building.

    A parking garage or lot is an amenity for the motoring public, not those who walk or take mass transit. The driver should pay for the benefit of parking.

    I’m not sure why my Scottish kin don’t understand that simple concept. Perhaps sixty years of living in a semi-socialist nanny state has clouded their power of reasoning?

  2. I love when there is such a simple solution to a “seemingly” difficult problem. UGH politics…

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