Charge for Parking, World Comes to End

Its London, the West End. Center of entertainment, food, shopping, tourism. Hundreds of millions are spent there every year on all of the above. A recent study commissioned by local business says that over a billion dollars a year and 5000 jobs will be lost if paid parking is installed in the area. HUH? What’s with that.

First of all, I know the West End — It is jammed with people all the time. Most come on the underground, buses, cabs or frankly walk. There is little room for cars and with London’s congestion taxes, there are even fewer cars that before. The study makes no sense. It seems like the folks doing the study were commissioned to come up with the answer that the folks paying the bill wanted. Money quote:

“This research is completely flawed. The report admits within the first four pages that the figures are just plucked from thin air using the term ‘rough and ready’. “And in the conclusion it says the findings are based only on ‘indicative analysis and assumption’.

Ya Think? No one really drives in London at night. You can’t drive if you are going to be drinking. The place is really congested. Can’t anyone use any common sense.


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3 Responses to Charge for Parking, World Comes to End

  1. BW says:

    82% of all statistics are made up right on the spot.

  2. jvh says:

    Including that one? JVH

  3. Keith says:

    A recent study of London’s congestion fee indicates that traffic is again increasing, in spite of that fee.

    It seems that the consultant inquired what result the businesses wanted and ginned up the numbers to prove their point. At best, fears of job losses are premature.

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