Christmas Greetings

Something is going on.  In the past few days I have received four greetings from companies and every one wished me a “Merry Christmas.”  In the past five years, I doubt if I have received four greetings total that wished Merry Christmas.

It was “Season’s Greetings” or “Holiday Greetings.” After all the use of the “C” word wasn’t PC.  Cities removed creches from the court house square, carols were verboten, and the pageants all had to have sweet animals and basically a celebration of the Winter Solstice. Not a Wise Man in sight.

Companies were afraid to offend, after all someone in the country that is 90 percent Christian might take offense at a “Merry Christmas” wish. The pendulum seems to be swinging back. I hear carols in the stores, Christmas greetings on shop windows, and a plethora of  emails and cards with the celebration of the savior being back where it belongs.

I’m glad — I missed the wonder and mystery of Christmas.  The best of the season to you.

I’ll have more to say on this wondrous time of year as the fabled date draws nigh.


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2 Responses to Christmas Greetings

  1. Bobra Wilbanks says:

    Merry Christmas, John!

  2. Keith says:

    Indeed, Merry Christmas to all.

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