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This is rich. They did a study in DC and the results were that cameras in parking lots don’t deter crime. Read about it here, from the Washington Examiner:

“Technology is only as good as the manner in which it is employed,” the report released Monday said. “If it is employed minimally or is not well integrated into other policing functions, it is unlikely to yield a significant impact on crime.”The cameras were placed near exits with a motion-detection trigger to photograph the license plates of exiting cars, and signs were posted nearby to alert drivers.Only about a third of the cameras were active at any given time, though, because of budget constraints. The thinking was that even “dummy” cameras would deter crime.

So let’s see, if you are going to have technology, you have to use it. Someone needs to be looking at the monitors, putting criminals with the crimes, and then taking quick action. But then, this is DC. The final graph:
But Metro spokesman Dan Stessel said Metro owns the cameras and could still rely on them for investigations. “Our approach to fighting crime involves multiple tactics,” he said. “Cameras are just one part of it.”
Doesn’t work, needs to be deployed differently, but that’s ok — we’ll continue to not use it anyway.
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  1. Richard Gardiner says:

    Based upon some 40 years of professional urban planning experience in crime prevention I have found that surveillance cameras are of little to no value in preventing opportunity crimes in ‘public spaces’ but are only of value of possibly identifying offenders after they have committed a crime. ‘Private spaces or environments’ such as schools and work places where there are repeat users, and therefore recognizable, such surveillance is of prevention value as the potential offender realizes that he or she will be recognized. However there is seldom an actual person watching the monitor. In most schools, banks, and other businesses surveillance monitors are usually located in either the manager’s office or the employee break room, where in both situations the monitors are rarely if ever watched. In many situations the cameras are not turned on or are recording such activity. Conclusion: surveillance camera’s major value are in identifying an offender after a crime has been committed. Unlike what is shown on TV shows however, the percentage of such identifications are greatly exaggerated.

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