Merry Christmas…and

This time of year we pause and consider. We consider just what the holiday we celebrate means, its religious implications with a wonderful and mysterious story that has been told and retold for millenia.  If we are of a different culture, we celebrate a different event, in a different way.

Whether Christian or Jew, its a time for families, gift giving, great food and celebration. It is also a time to remember our roots and rekindle our traditions. For some it is a time of worship, for others it is a time of parties and fun. But for all, the Christmas season is a time of mystery, a time of legend, a time of wonder.

If we were in Israel, I would be writing about the Chanukah season, and writing with pride. If I were in an Arab country, I would be mentioning Ramadan, or in Asia, perhaps a word or two about the coming  New Year.

In America we celebrate what is kin to our culture. Christmas is that. If you celebrate another holiday, we at Parking Today wish you all the best. We also invite you to enjoy the wonders of Christmas, its giving, its celebration, and its magic.

Merry Christmas to all…

JVH, Andy, Marcy, Joyce, Sue, Shelly, Rad, Kelley, Melissa


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