New Zealand Should Replace Kiwis with Shoupistas

In the community of Otago they had a program where people who participating in ride sharing got a reduced parking rate. So far so good. The program went on eleven years to ‘limited’ success — read about it here.

After involving everyone from the national transportation board to the local university, the city decided that the program was unenforceable and replaced it with free parking. Sigh.

As Mark put it:

Are you kidding me?  Please send these people a copy of The High Cost of Free Parking, their University Library obviously doesn’t have one in it’s inventory.

( For those illiterate of you, Otago has the oldest university in New Zealand dating back to the mid 1800s but may have a limited library.) I can think of a dozen ways to enforce car pooling and parking — the main one being issue permits and charge everyone else. Check periodically and fine those that park in the restricted area and don’t have three (2? 4?) people in the car.



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