That’s What I’m Talking About — Dan Huberty

Dan Huberty recently joined Central Parking as a VP.  Congratulations but that’s not what I’m writing about.  Dan is also a state legislator in the state of Texas, representing a district in the Houston area.

How, you ask, could a state legislator have the time to also have a full time job.  In Texas, the legislature meets only every other year and they meet for only 140 calendar days, that a bit less than five months. Dan has to have something to do the rest of the time, so Central it is.

Think about it. Texas has one of the best reputations for medicine, education, job creation, population growth, and frankly quality of life in the country. They are able to accomplish this without a full time legislature.  Hmmmmmm

Seems to me that limiting the time a legislature meets keeps them out of trouble.  They are forced to address serious issues, focus, and then get out of Austin. It is said that the politics in Texas are those of compromise or nothing gets done. When the parties get together, there are laws passed, when not, well….

I don’t know if Dan is a proponent of a part time legislature, but I sure am. Seems like the longer these folks are in session the more money they spend and problems they cause.

There has to be a reason why Texas is a great job creator…

Best of luck to Dan and his time with Central. OH, and he has a beautiful family, too



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One Response to That’s What I’m Talking About — Dan Huberty

  1. JVH says:

    I got a note from Dan thanking me for this post and agreeing that part time legislators do a better job because they are required to go home and live with the laws they pass. It also keeps them from over regulating, which has allowed business to prosper in Texas.
    All the best, Dan

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