Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Saw the flick this weekend. Its a typically British, extremely complex spy story with ducks and dives on every turn. John LeCarre’s famous spy George Smiley, under played perfectly by Gary Oldman, is out to find a mole at the very highest levels of British Intelligence. Don’t expect fast cars and fast women in this movie. Its complex, deep, and so well written you need to catch every line and every inference, not an easy task with all those British accents.

John Hurt, Colin Firth, Tom Hardy and a super supporting cast of Brits round out the players with Hurt having a small but pivitol role as the head of the Intelligence Unit. The story spins through London, Budapest, and Instanbul, with a quick stop off in Moscow. Those pesky Russians pop up everywhere in this cold war thriller.

Its rated ‘R’ for minimal long distance nudity, hardly worth it. Pay attention, flashbacks are around every corner and important to the outcome. Go in with a clear head (no adult beverages before this movie) and you will come out discussing it with your mate. “Why did? Who Was? THEY were lovers? What the hell did that cigarette lighter mean?” If you want rock em sockem, wait for Tom Cruise. If you want a great British Film see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.


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