What does the “Ghost Protocol’ have to do with Parking

Tom Cruise’s latest “Mission Impossible”  — the Ghost Protocol” — Is a fun, exciting, thriller. Don’t go see it if you are afraid of heights, as Cruise gallivants around the outside of the 130th floor of the Burj Khalifi — the tallest building in the world, located in Dubai. The amazing photography and stunts, plus an Armageddon type story and IM typical high tech toys make this a movie to see, just close your eyes during the scary parts.

For you parking addicts, the denouement takes place in an automated parking garage, ostensibly in Mumbai.  Its one of those circular jobs with cars parked around the edge and a series of circular elevators that drop off and fetch the vehicles. Cruise and the villain have a wonderful fight scene, moving from level to level, car to car, with the world hanging in the balance, of course.

The garage isn’t in Mumbai,  but was built over a six month period at a film studio in Vancouver. They did a good job — anyone know if someone from the industry consulted on this baby?  I doubt if it would pass an OSHA test, since this garage only had to work for the scene in question.

Have some fun, drop all intellectual pretense, and go see this flick. Its worth it just to leave the theater humming the Michael Giacchino score — that takes the main title theme from the ab fab TV music by Lalo Schifrin. I loved the music from the men’s Russian Chorus in Moscow to the desert tinged themes in Dubai to the wonderful Indian music for the dance scenes in Mumbai.



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