You Don’t Build the Church for Christmas and Easter

What is the matter with these people. Here’s the story. For the six of you that don’t immediately see the problem, I’ll parse it for you.

Downtown Knoxville was sort of not doing well. Then about five years ago they began to revitalize the area.  Shops opened, stores were active, and egad, people came down town. For some strange reason, people came downtown on evenings and weekends (could it be that was when they were off work).  They also filled the parking structures on evenings and weekends. Of course parking is free on evenings and weekends. It is also the case that for some reason that seems to confuse the local mayor, the parking structures are loosing money — could it be free parking. Naah.

So now its the holidays and these folks are considering adding ANOTHER parking structure that will loose money. For crying out loud — the downtown area is thriving. The reason is the clubs, shops, and other activities. Not FREE parking. Parking has been FREE for years, but only recently has downtown picked up.

So parking is now at a premium.  Why not (shudder) charge for parking in the lots after hours, pick up a few bucks, and pay off the loans on them. People will continue to come down town because they want to, not because of a small fee to park.

And parking is a problem during the holidays? OMG — Its always a problem during the holidays. Merchants set up shuttles, valet systems, valet assist, buses for employees, whatever it takes to get through the days before Christmas. They don’t build a parking structure that will be empty the rest of the year. Members of the Clergy love to see people standing in the aisles on Christmas and Easter. They don’t rush out and put on a new transept.

Politicians want to please everyone all the time, and the result is chaos.


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