I can tell you the future in one word “Plastic” er no “Apps”

If the husband of the famous Mrs. Robinson in “The Graduate” had been living in 2012 instead of 1967, he might have whispered “Apps” in Dustin Hoffman’s ear instead of “plastics.” After all, he was telling the young graduate where he should invest his hard earned education.

I spent yesterday afternoon with Grant Furlane, a person well known in US and Canadian parking circles and all he could say was App, App, APP.  Grant, whose picture is in the dictionary next to the word raconteur,  regaled me with example after example of how the parking industry should be moving into a cloud based, android based, application based world.

His companies, ANAI and Ipark management, have developed a cloud based system that can be accessed by applications custom built for parking operations. Whether its a hotel, valet, surface lot, or hospital, Grant can list successes using apps to access the clouds and through them, solve parking problems efficiently and inexpensively.

Download the app to your android based phone, your tablet, or PC, and voila, you have a cashier terminal, a hotel validation system, a valet program running in your facility. And you have application based accounting and informational software, too.

The benefit, he says, is that the apps are inexpensive, there is no long term capital outlay for hardware and software licenses, and the apps can be customized to your particular operation.

You would have to spend a little more time than a few hours at the Cheesecake Factory to learn all the ins and outs, but this just might be the ‘thing’ for you. After all, we use clouds and apps daily to get the weather, buy books, download maps and directions, check our bank accounts, find out how far we jog, or log on to social networks, why not run our garages with them, too.

You can check out Grant’s latest at www.anaiglobal.com. Its most likely worth a look






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