I Hit the Mainstream Media

I noted about four months ago that I was interviewed by a columnist for LA Magazine. Its a local publication that basically tells LA residents what they want to hear.  Its glitzy, its glossy — Think Cosmo or Vogue for a City. The author, Dave Gardetta, has written one of the best descriptions of the parking problems faced by modern cities. I am impressed. You can read it here.

Basically its an interview with Don Shoup, and supporting information from folks like me. Gardetta delves into the history of parking in LA, and how parking requirements shaped the city. Some of the references are local (Don’t forget, we parked in Blue Mickey) but other local landmarks (Dodger Stadium, the “Grove” shopping center, our music center) could be in any city.

He quotes yours truly accurately, which in itself is amazing, mostly about my comments that only about 10% of all people who break parking rules ever get cited.  I am in heady company with Shoup, former Pasadena Mayor Rick Cole, Ray Leisgang, Clyde Wilson, and Parking notibles Andrew Pansini and Parking Meter Inventor Carlton MaGee and LA DOT Parking Engineer Dan Mitchell. This is a good article — take the time to read it.  My money quote:

“If you received a ticket for every violation,” says Van Horn, “you’d be yelling Parking Nazi! and Selective enforcement! Elected governments aren’t ready for that outcry, so cities hold back on tickets.” Yet if we evade enforcement as often as Van Horn claims, why does the sight of a ticket on the windshield unhinge our natures? “We break the law often and get away with it,” he says. “Deep down inside we know that. What makes us mad is getting caught the few times we do. Ninety percent of drivers on this street got away scot-free today, but I get the ticket? That makes us crazy

Hat Tip to India and the gang at PT Facebook for posting the article.


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