I really don’t understand — EV Charging for Volts? Why

Here’s an article about charging stations and resentment growing against EV drivers from gasoholics. The gas powered car owners are beginning to realize that EV drivers are getting all kinds of perks for spending the extra bucks to buy their silent, battery powered vehicles. And they are resenting the fact that charging stations are located in the best spots and are typically not in use.

I know you EV supporters are out there. Can you please explain to me why Chevy Volts need a charging station.  They have a gas powered charger that will kick in if they out last their battery.  That is also true of other hybrids. Except for the Leaf and a few expensive cars (Tesla, Fisker, etc) none of the others need charging stations to keep them going.

OK, other car companies seem to be coming out with all electric vehicles, but are they going to ‘catch on.’  Do they make sense in a country where driving distances can be great.

Come on, your EV fans, fill me in.


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2 Responses to I really don’t understand — EV Charging for Volts? Why

  1. Love this ha. Looks like no EV fans have stepped up or chimed in.

  2. Tim says:

    I would love to hear the answer to this question (but also find it humurous to have no resonses)….we are looking into putting EV charging stations in one of the parking facilities we manage. I am struggling with finding a need for them because most dealerships are only selling about 5 per month in MA.

    If there is a need out there we would be more than happy to accomidate them with a few charging stations. http://www.governmentcentergarage.com

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