I Won’t Park in the same Lot as my Competitor

OK, its not that simple, well maybe it is.  Seems Hollywood Super Agent Ari Emanuel, who heads William Morris Endeavor, the coast’s largest and most influential talent agency, is in a heated discussion with his landlord, well sort of his landlord.  You can read about it here.

When Emanuel merged his agency (Endeavor) with William Morris he also got a lease that William Morris had secured in Beverly Hills.  He already had some space he wanted to use and needed to break the lease.  In the lease there was a clause that said the landlord could not rent to a competitor.  Therein lies the tale.

One of Emanuel’s largest competitors is the Gersh Agency, which recently moved into the building next door to the contested space, and shares the parking garage. The landlord controls both buildings.

Although to most it would seem silly, this is a very big deal in the entertainment business. What if “Jack” or “Angelina” were seen by their agent parking in a lot that served a competitor.  OMG  Word would get out that ‘talks’ were underway.  My people would be calling your people. We might be able to head off a potential deal. The buzz would be everywhere. “Is Madonna going to jump ship.” Sheesh.

Who would have thunk it, that a lowly parking garage and who parks in it could make such a difference?  The jury, and maybe literally, is still out on this one. But with millions of dollars swinging on every deal in La La Land, its no wonder that where I am forced to park could be a deal breaker.

H/T: The Gang on PT’s Facebook Page


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One Response to I Won’t Park in the same Lot as my Competitor

  1. david says:

    If that is true, I could simply place a “watcher” in my competitor’s garage or in that building. Seesm to me real issue is finding a way to terminate a lease early

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