On the Road again

Sorry about the sketchy posting over the past week but I have been traveling, visiting Atlanta and DC, getting home to LA last night. In Atlanta I had the pleasure of meeting in person with Robert Youakim, Khristian Gutierrez, and Robert’s cousin, Charles, who attended the meeting by speaker phone. These three are the founders of Passport Parking.

The company has a cloud based application for off street parking lots and garages with a hardware/software approach to combine all types of parking controls including pay by cell, pay on foot, pay and display, and enforcement with one application all monitored by a central base.  They are going to launch their products over the next few months culminating with a booth and presentation at the IPI. These three are very enthusiastic young men and you should keep you eye on Passport Parking.

In DC I met with the NCUTCD Sites Open to Public Travel (SOPuT) Task Force, of which I am an member. I will fill you in on that experience in another post.

I also met with Christine Banning, President of the NPA. Christine was excited about new programs the NPA has underway, including the changes in their upcoming Leadership Forum, formerly the NPA’s winter board meeting which is being held in Maui next month. Leading the event will be a Capital Markets & Financial Opportunities Forecast. Featured Speaker: Ben Hakim, Managing Director, Blackstone Advisory Partners LP. He has been personally involved in a number of buyouts in the industry and will be discussing these and potential mergers and acquisitions.

Its always a pleasure to meet with Christine. She has been in the industry only a little more than a year but has been bitten by the “parking bug” and has a great understanding of our business and what is needed by the industry.  The NPA, she told me, is concentrating on a number of programs including an extensive rate study that will drill down to the local levels and give operators and owners up to date information about rates and background to use when adjusting rate structures.

I’m back home in LA today and meeting on the phone in a few minutes with “We Do Lines” franchisee Tom Cox from Phoenix and later this afternoon with Frank Ching, parking coordinator for the City of Santa Monica.

PT February is at the printers, and PT March promises to be full of great information for the parking industry.



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  1. Tim says:

    Thanks for the info on Passport Parking, I checked them out and found some really intersting info. I will be talking to them directly soon enough!


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