Social Media and Parking

We reached a milestone on PT’s Facebook page the other day, with just over 1500 folks who appear to ‘like’ us.  I see that as a vindication of the time we spend on Facebook. We have a number of denizens who inhabit our pages every day, and others who drop by from time to time to comment. But there are many more who just come to read the comments, and laugh and cry with us.  Who would have thought less than a year ago when we started the project it would reach this point.

We are on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, plus we have an extremely active blog, and a web site with news about parking from all over the world.

Thanks to you all, and keep coming. We are here for you


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One Response to Social Media and Parking

  1. Jim says:

    We have also seen social media used to protest changes and introductions to pay parking. It gives people an easy way to vent. Double edged…

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