Walk five minutes to avoid a ticket, NEVER!

This letter to the editor is priceless.  It was written in response to a letter complaining about getting a citation when taking kids to soccer practice.  The money quotes:

First, she (the writer) should be made aware that Town Centre Park has approximately 900 free parking spaces, all of which are no cost to park visitors. If she took her grandson to play soccer in Vancouver, she’d be paying the parking meter. Coquitlam taxpayers have paid to build and maintain the lots, and non-Coquitlam residents like S. Mullen don’t have to pay a penny to park at any Coquitlam field. All that she and those like her had to do was walk a few minutes from the northwest parking lot to the soccer field.

I never stop being amazed by the sheer laziness of people, and our obesity rates attest to this. People like S. Mullen take their children to Saturday-morning recreational sport activities for exercise, yet they can’t be bothered themselves to walk five minutes. Heaven forbid one should be expected to park anywhere but within two feet of the destination. I suggest that the next time S. Mullen takes her grandson to play soccer, she take down the fence and drive her car right onto the soccer field, just to make sure no one has to exert themselves by walking.

And to the bylaw officers, I say put on a hard hat, grab a shovel and make sure you build a parking space right on the soccer field for every lazy, spoiled, non-resident of Coquitlam who ventures into our city on Saturday mornings, pays nothing for the parking space, refuses to walk five minutes from a free space and then blames you for it.

H/T: Mark


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