Change the Law so Lobbyists don’t get a parking ticket

The legislature of the state of Idaho, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to remove pay parking from around the capitol building. The reason? People going to the capitol on business are getting tickets, and we can’t have that. Read all about it here.

I quote one of the solons:

Palmer, R-Meridian, told the House, “This is not a perfect bill. There is reasons to be against this bill. But I think it is a starting point.” He said if the law is enacted and it doesn’t work out, “It’s easy to repeal this” in a subsequent legislative session. Palmer said he’s “had my share” of parking tickets, but that’s not why he brought the bill; it’s because a constituent complained to him after sitting for four hours in a legislative hearing only to not get to testify, then ended up with a parking ticket too at an expired two-hour parking meter. “We’ve had frustrated people here this year across the street telling us that they don’t have access to us and they want to know how they can get better access to us,” Palmer said. “There is that problem of parking which I hear over and over.”

Oh where to begin?  I won’t.  I’ll just take Mark’s advice and put them on the list for the “Baghdad by the Bay” award for bone headed parking decisions and leave it at that.

I can’t resist — So we have no charge for parking, won’t all the employees at the state capitol building simply park there where its free and close, and there will be NO places for visitors to park. That’s how it works everywhere else. Of course, if it doesn’t work out, “its easy to repeal.” Sure — how many bills have you EVER heard of being repealed.

Of course they could issue ‘handicapped’ permits to everyone coming to the capitol so they would be ‘passed over’ for citation. That would solve the problem.

These are the wizards that spend our money and they can’t even get parking right. Please.


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