Don’t Pay your Citation, Have it Deducted From your Tax Refund

The City of Chicago has cut a deal with the state. Before any person gets a tax refund, they will have a database check and if they owe any parking or moving violations  within the city, they will have the amount, I’m assuming including penalties, deducted from the return before its sent out. Seems perfectly reasonable to me.

If the person complains, most likely they can have a hearing and if found innocent, have the money returned.  However it seems to me that most people who feel they are ‘innocent’ of a parking violation fight it. If you let it go without so much as a “by your leave” my guess is you are guilty as the proverbial sin.

This is a good idea. In some venues, you can’t get your car license renewed if you have outstanding tickets. I like that one too. It would seem that these types of laws would do away with so called ‘unpaid’ tickets, reduce bureaucracy, and greatly help the bottom line of cities. I can’t see, with all the interactive databases there are in the government, why this isn’t a slam dunk.



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One Response to Don’t Pay your Citation, Have it Deducted From your Tax Refund

  1. Keith says:

    Great idea. Our state has been doing this for about 20 years. Every March, there’s a bump in our revenue as people file their tax returns early, looking for that refund.

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