FAAC Buys Datapark

News Release from FAAC:

FAAC S.p.A acquires DATAPARK Inc, an international manufacturer of Parking Revenues Control Systems with main business interest in North and Central America, East Europe and Australia Faac S.p.A. has completed the acquisition of DataPark Inc, an important US company (based in San Leandro, California, USA) active in Parking Revenues Control Systems and relying on several commercial and manufacturing operations in USA, East Europe, Australia and Central America.
DataPark succeeds to grow in Parking System arena by optimising a smart sales coverage of key business areas and a very flexible R&D and Manufacturing footprint, capable to implement significant customers’ driven product personalisation in a very cost effective manner.
“Datapark has enjoyed great success providing unique solutions to so many parking companies with unique challenges. The ability and the flexibility to create custom designed programs are truly second to none in the industry. This acquisition is an excellent opportunity to showcase and further expand DataPark to many more markets – both within the US and internationally. We are excited to become a part of a larger internationally recognized industrial group, benefitting from extended development, industrial capabilities and synergies that can only be achieved from coordinating efforts with FAAC providing the financially solidity and recognition required to further Datapark’s expansion efforts. Our growth trend will surely be accelerated by being part of FAAC Group.” says Steve Haramlambiew DataPark founder and CEO.
“DataPark represents a continuation in the execution of FAAC group strategic plan, focused since last years, to grow in non traditional sectors, such as Parking Revenues Control Systems, because of the diversification and complementarity to the historic gate sector, which are offered. ” says Andrea Marcellan, FAAC Group CEO.

About DataPark Inc DataPark has installed in excess of 2000 installations in the U.S. market. DataPark currently has sales and distributors located in major U.S. markets including San Francisco, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, Miami, Boston, Denver, Seattle and Los Angeles. Outside the U.S., distributors can be found in Canada, Central America, Hong Kong, Europe, Korea and Australia.
DataPark has founded its value proposition to customers by offering flexible and cost effective customisation capabilities very much appreciated by operator companies and professional large site owners.
About FAAC
FAAC is a leading company and an international pioneer in the automated systems industry and the control of pedestrian and vehicle accesses for residential and commercial applications. The Group activity is developed around four business lines: Gates automation; Parking Revenues Control Systems; Automatic Door or complete entrances and finally Tubular Motors applications. FAAC was founded in 1965 and is today an international industrial Group with over 1.000 employees, 11 production plants in Europe and 15 foreign subsidiary companies throughout the world. The Group is based in Zola Predosa, Bologna, Italy.


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  1. Interested Party says:

    So now Zeag and DataPark are owned by the same company. Stand by for what are sure to be big changes to their product lines and personnel structures. No way they can continue to own and operate 2 competing product lines. If they handle this the right way, SkiData, Amano McGann, Federal, WPS, Designa, S & B, etc. could be in for a major challenge. Wonder if the PARCS industry will begin to witness consolidation intitiatives similar to the airline industry?

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