Politicians, The Arrogance or are they just Tone Deaf?

Our advertising director was sitting on the tarmac at LAX for an extra hour yesterday because a politician decided to fly in to raise money for his election campaign. I hear he picked up an extra 3 mil for the 18 hours he was in town. Marcy thought it was rude. I agree.

Look I don’t fault politicians for raising money, that’s what makes the world go round. Have at it. Its when they seem to roll over the activities or feelings of others that ticks me off. I understand that the Prez needs security and I’m sure there are valid reasons why air space must be cleared. Fair enough.

However aren’t there alternatives?  We have a perfectly good airport at Pt Mugu, about a half hour copter ride from LAX. Its in the country and no one would have been inconvenienced except a few sea gulls. The president took a copter to his first event in LA. It was between LAX and Pt. Mugu. So it might have added an extra 20 minutes to his flight time but then tens of thousands of people at LAX and at subsequent airports where their planes were going would not have been inconvenienced.  How many missed flights. How many ate cold dinner, how many…well you get the idea.

I’m not blaming the President, he has a lot of important things on his mind, but are his handlers so tone deaf. Think of the press they could have gotten if the headline read: “President Lands at Mugu to Save Tie Up at LAX.”  It just seems that these people just don’t think.

All the people on all those planes know that they were late because of the president. Many just shrugged. But I’ll bet there were a lot that grumbled.

I have no clue who pays for what — but if you are the Prez, there are certain perks. However there should be someone who thinks about the problems caused when he moves from place to place, and fix them. If there is someone who does that, they need to be fired.


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