The World is Watching…

I know, San Francisco again, but they do make headlines. SFPark is expanding its reach into neighborhoods where no parking fee had previously been imposed. We have been following this closely both here and on Facebook.  The residents raised hell, it was sort of put on hold, and then the mayor stepped in and said:

But in noting “the world is watching our efforts in  parking management,” Lee said SFpark deserves a chance to succeed. And while the roll-out in the neighborhoods targeted for meter expansion has been delayed, he said he doesn’t want to see it killed.

“I also want to make sure that the process includes buy-in from neighborhoods, … make sure we talk to everyone,” Lee said.

Ahhh, now this is important. “The world is watching.” Now that’s an excellent reason for charging for parking. I’m sure the residents who are going to pay the fare really care what people in Shanghai or New Delhi think about the program.

Politicians, we got em, think we could live without them?


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